EUTOPIAN VISIONS – possible revolutions

Throughout history men and women have tried to create an ideal world made up of justice, peace, wealth, health, equality and dignity – free from suffering and fear and charged with a new meaning of coexistence, be it spiritual, philosophical and/or political.
In 1515 Thomas More, famous writer, humanist and statesman coined the word utopia, describing a perfect society that he unfortunately considered impossible to realize. In 1589 Thomas Wilson transformed utopia into „eutopia“, where the impossible became possible. We entered the ’70s with the idea of a new „utopian“ world just around the corner. From the eighties on… silence.
What happened to the utopian experiments around the world? Do they still exist? Where are they? Have they developed their dreams and visions? Is the word „Utopia“ still valid?
In the first episode of „EUTOPIAN VISIONS“ we delve into three very different „UTOPIAN“ experiments, places where a common vision nourishes and forms the basis for a coexistence that seeks to transcend dominant social models: the City of Auroville, in India, the Free Republic of Alcatraz in Umbria and the Federation of Damanhur in Piedmont, Italy,
Thus we begin our quest towards „utopian visions“ as they strive to become „EUTOPIAN REALITIES“.

We can all make a difference | Jane Goodall

“When nature suffers, we suffer. And when nature flourishes, we all flourish. I do believe in the possibility of a world where we can live in harmony with nature, but only if every one of us does our part to make that world a reality. So that when you look back over your journey – your life – you can truly say, I did make a difference.” ~ Jane Goodall

We spend too much time celebrating ‚Start Ups’​, not enough celebrating ‚Keep Goings’​.

Too much hype, too much excitement and too many pats on the back for ‚Start Ups‘. Not enough kudos, support and love for those people who have been out there in the ‚Keep Goings‘.

It is really easy to be excited at the beginning, to announce big plans, to talk about what you are about to do and get everyone amped about your idea. Unfortunately, as a result people who are committed to their visions and slowly, steadily and constantly improving and driving towards their goals often get left behind. Doing the work often leaves less time for the hype-building, hype that brings you the big pats on the back you can wrangle for a big ‚idea‘ that you are about to ’start up‘.

I’m all for encouraging people at the beginning of their journeys, none of us can kick off without some love and support, but we cannot take those people who have been at their mission for years for granted. For me, those people who have been working away, getting it done, slowly, carefully and with attention to excellence, improvement and integrity deserve the biggest pats on the back.

Those who know how hard it is, know. Those who don’t, let me tell you, it is a dark, lonely, stressful, tough road to go down at times, there is no-one who has gone out on a mission and stuck at it for years that has not been into the darkness that is on the road to your dreams.

So big shout-out to the Keep Goings, good on you for not chasing the easy thing, the new sexy shiny thing, the latest fad, the compromise, the easy road or the shortcuts. Good on your for sticking it out through the tough times, the bad people, the bad weather, the bad moods, the stress, the coffees, the late nights, the competition, the uncertainty and most importantly the mountains of hard, tough work that goes into just keeping things going.

Keep it up. I see you and you inspire me and those who know every day. Stay in the game, it matters.

Give someone you know who is in the middle of a ‚Keep Going‘ a shout-out here and lets get behind them.

Source: Author Josh Jones Founder of the Just Be Nice Project via linkin

The Effect of Consciousness on the Physical World

IONSx s.underneath is a cutting-edge, application-driven research program that demonstrates practical examples of consciousness affecting our physical world. One of the major hurdles to moving beyond our materialistic paradigm is the difficulty of being able to clearly demonstrate to anyone, without the use of scientific arguments, the reality that consciousness directly affects the physical world. We can show examples of this in laboratory studies with statistics, but we have not been able to reliably demonstrate this with a real-world direct experience that anyone could see with their naked eye. IONSx promises just that. One goal of IONSx is to create an ethical, consciousness-dependent switch that responds to a specific mental signal from the operator. By consciousness-dependent we mean that it is not mediated by any conventional technology, electromagnetic or other physical force, and is non-local.

We are exploring various aspects of our ATOM model for IONSx. The “T” in ATOM stands for Target or what the intention is being directed at. Potential targets may include biological (cells), physical (photons, random events, water structure, etc.), or mental (human). We have already begun testing high potential targets in optical physics — plasma ball, double slit, entangled photon, missing photon, and random number generators. The “O” stands for Operator or the person directing the attention. We have an ongoing study examining the genetics of psychic ability and will begin recruitment for talented operators that can reliably demonstrate a psychokinesis ability (the ability of their mind to influence matter). The “M” stands for Moderator or anything that influences the relationship between the operator and the target. There may be any number of moderating factors that influence the target-operator system. Some of the known or suspected correlates include  geomagnetic flux, local weather, lunar cycle, and solar wind. The “A” stands for amplification and analysis or anything that could help strengthen the interaction between the operator and target. We will examine analytical methods for maximizing the target/operator relationship, including, but not limited to, changes in fractal dimensions and chaotic attractors. We also have a beta version of an infrastructure for online mind-matter experiments, accessible by any browser. This will allow us to test various ATOM models and roll out the experiments to a large number of participants and collaborate with other researchers.

After establishing the optimal ATOM system, the third step is to engineer this system, making sure the ATOM is reliable, focused, intentful, and ethical. The final step would be to build a prototype and demonstrate the ATOM system.

There are a number of ethical issues that arise with IONSx. The IONS team is committed to addressing these issues every step of the way to help ensure that the switch can be “tuned” to unique individuals or groups (so it cannot be accidentally operated by anyone else). We acknowledge that it may not actually be possible to create an operator-specific ethical switch — meaning a switch that is able to isolate the intention of a given operator 100% of the time. Nevertheless, we anticipate that focusing on the pragmatics of building such a device will inform us about key factors that influence the role of consciousness in the physical world.

So what happens if we were to reliably demonstrate that our consciousness influences our physical world? First, the idea that our consciousness is limited to our physical world would be refuted. Second, our view of our own thoughts and intentions would need to be completely reevaluated. Would we be so quick to have negative thoughts about ourselves and others if we knew they affected ourselves or other people in some way? Imagine a world where it was a given that our intention/consciousness affected our physical world directly.

Source: IONS blog by Helané Wahbeh


At the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), we are inspired by the power of science to explain phenomena not previously understood, harnessing the best of the rational mind to make advances that further our knowledge and enhance our human experience.

The mission of the Institute of Noetic Sciences is to reveal the interconnected nature of reality through scientific exploration and personal discovery, creating a more compassionate, thriving, and sustainable world.

Einstein was an Artist: How Creativity Actually Works

1. Don’t Wait for Inspiration to Get Moving

There are many misconceptions about how breakthroughs are made. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that they’re suddenly inspired — like the often told story of the moment the fall of an apple led Newton to discover gravity.

“Although the experience of insight is sudden and can seem disconnected from the immediately preceding thought, these studies show that insight is the culmination of a series of brain states and processes operating at different time scales.”

Simply put, eureka moments occur because of the work leading up to them. Action stimulates inspiration more often than inspiration stimulates action.

2. Treat It Like an Unsexy Job

Doing creative work isn’t sexy. It’s about setting a schedule and just doing it.

3. Seek Relationships Between Existing Ideas

At its core, creativity is just a new and useful way of combining old ideas. It isn’t imagined out of thin air, and it isn’t completely abstract. It’s a fresh way of making sense of the existing components of reality that have yet to merge.

“The words or the language, as they are written or spoken, do not seem to play any role in my mechanism of thought.The psychical entities which seem to serve as elements in thought are certain signs and more or less clear images which can be ‘voluntarily’ reproduced and combined.

It is also clear that the desire to arrive finally at logically connected concepts is the emotional basis of this rather vague play with the above-mentioned elements. But taken from a psychological viewpoint, this combinatory playseems to be the essential feature in productive thought — before there is any connection with logical construction in words or other kinds of signs which can be communicated to others.”

If you think about creativity as the ability to develop meaningful connections between existing parts of your reality, you can start to realize that creativity isn’t just reserved for the likes of Mozart and Picasso. It’s something that impacts all of our lives, and it’s something we all practice.

4. Be Willing to Produce Subpar Work

Like anything else in life, the only way to master creativity is to put in work.

5. Compromise Today for Tomorrow

Extraordinary results require extraordinary commitment. That’s the secret.

All You Need to Know

If an artist is someone who produces something new and novel, then few people in history fit the bill like Einstein. Artistry was the source of his genius.

Excerpts from Activism Revisited: Conscious Participation and Collective Intelligence

What follows is an excerpt by EE Magazine from a longer article originally published as Activism Revisited: Conscious Participation and Collective Intelligence, by Daniel Christian Wahl.

In Reflections on Evolutionary Activism, Tom Atlee highlights three evolutionary dynamics:

i) integration of diversity,ii) constant alignment with reality, and

iii) self-interest rooted in the wellbeing of the whole.

are key characteristics of regenerative cultures aligned with the
evolution of life. They are also guidelines to help us, as individuals,
keep on learning and contributing to the creation of regenerative
businesses, communities and cultures.

begins his book by reminding us of the long evolutionary journey from
the beginnings of the universe to our times. Our bodies literally
contain atoms forged in the death of giant stars. As participants in
this ever-transforming and evolving whole, we are expressions of what
Atlee calls the Creative Power of the Universe. He extends an invitation
to all of us:

As evolutionary
activists we can step out of [separation] and into the awareness that we
are part of the ongoing creation of the universe, that our power is the
Creative Power of the Universe working through us, and that we have a
creative job to do, a really important undertaking to be part of.

We are the eyes
and ears and hands and feet and heart and mind of the Creative Power of
the Universe at work in our world at this time forming the first
sustainable self- evolving, wise civilization ever seen on this planet.

Every decision we
make — including how to spend this precious moment and where to put our
precious energy and which precious people to work with and how we are
going to be with them — all these decisions are the Big CPU feeling its
way about what to do next here, what is possible now. […]

You and I are
that Power, in that Power, of that Power. Welcome home. We’re all in
this job together, backed up by the greatest creative force on Earth —
and beyond. Let’s go to work, as consciously, in tune, and together as
we can manage.

— Tom Atlee (2009:33–34)

Atlee’s work offers profound inspiration and practical support for
people willing to live the questions together in order to redesign the
human presence on Earth.

He describes how a series of questions has guided his own journey as a life-long activist (pp.43–47):

How can I help make a better world?

What is the meaning of self-organized collective intelligence?

How can activist groups become more collaboratively effective?

How can communities and countries be more collaboratively effective?

How can humanity wisely and creatively work with the crises of our time?

How can we help our social systems and cultures consciously evolve?

How can we grow
into being evolution — and take responsibility for our own role as the
increasingly conscious co-intelligence of the universe?

How do we activists humbly become the world consciously evolving in directions that deeply support all forms of aliveness?

— Tom Atlee

The last two questions invite us deep into a participatory and evolutionary perspective, which we are participants in and expressions of, aiming to become more fully conscious of how our being and doing creates conditions conducive to life.

Source: Tom Atlee, Reflections on Evolutionary Activism