EUTOPIAN VISIONS – possible revolutions

Throughout history men and women have tried to create an ideal world made up of justice, peace, wealth, health, equality and dignity – free from suffering and fear and charged with a new meaning of coexistence, be it spiritual, philosophical and/or political.
In 1515 Thomas More, famous writer, humanist and statesman coined the word utopia, describing a perfect society that he unfortunately considered impossible to realize. In 1589 Thomas Wilson transformed utopia into “eutopia”, where the impossible became possible. We entered the ’70s with the idea of a new “utopian” world just around the corner. From the eighties on… silence.
What happened to the utopian experiments around the world? Do they still exist? Where are they? Have they developed their dreams and visions? Is the word “Utopia” still valid?
In the first episode of “EUTOPIAN VISIONS” we delve into three very different “UTOPIAN” experiments, places where a common vision nourishes and forms the basis for a coexistence that seeks to transcend dominant social models: the City of Auroville, in India, the Free Republic of Alcatraz in Umbria and the Federation of Damanhur in Piedmont, Italy,
Thus we begin our quest towards “utopian visions” as they strive to become “EUTOPIAN REALITIES”.

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