We spend too much time celebrating ‘Start Ups’​, not enough celebrating ‘Keep Goings’​.

Too much hype, too much excitement and too many pats on the back for ‘Start Ups’. Not enough kudos, support and love for those people who have been out there in the ‘Keep Goings’.

It is really easy to be excited at the beginning, to announce big plans, to talk about what you are about to do and get everyone amped about your idea. Unfortunately, as a result people who are committed to their visions and slowly, steadily and constantly improving and driving towards their goals often get left behind. Doing the work often leaves less time for the hype-building, hype that brings you the big pats on the back you can wrangle for a big ‘idea’ that you are about to ‘start up’.

I’m all for encouraging people at the beginning of their journeys, none of us can kick off without some love and support, but we cannot take those people who have been at their mission for years for granted. For me, those people who have been working away, getting it done, slowly, carefully and with attention to excellence, improvement and integrity deserve the biggest pats on the back.

Those who know how hard it is, know. Those who don’t, let me tell you, it is a dark, lonely, stressful, tough road to go down at times, there is no-one who has gone out on a mission and stuck at it for years that has not been into the darkness that is on the road to your dreams.

So big shout-out to the Keep Goings, good on you for not chasing the easy thing, the new sexy shiny thing, the latest fad, the compromise, the easy road or the shortcuts. Good on your for sticking it out through the tough times, the bad people, the bad weather, the bad moods, the stress, the coffees, the late nights, the competition, the uncertainty and most importantly the mountains of hard, tough work that goes into just keeping things going.

Keep it up. I see you and you inspire me and those who know every day. Stay in the game, it matters.

Give someone you know who is in the middle of a ‘Keep Going’ a shout-out here and lets get behind them.

Source: Author Josh Jones Founder of the Just Be Nice Project via linkin

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