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In the real, physical world or in the business world, most relationships are nonlinear.

Pearl Zhu
The new future-oriented leaders and entrepreneurs are (r)evolutionaries with radical common sense

How leaders help manage change

This means that leaders must make people feel safe and secure by addressing their fears and concerns. Great leaders do this by involving people in the change process, consulting with them, listening to their ideas, and getting them started. No one likes to have change imposed on them. It’s much better to involve people in the story by making them active participants. Managers who only see the operational side of a change won’t be able to bring their teams along. The trick is to understand the human mindset and get to the real issue: what’s in it for them. Great change leaders make people see the positive aspect of change and make the status quo seem unattractive. They can do this because they have the ability to empathize and step into their team members’ shoes.


Management not only needs the courage to admit and let go of things, to make goals more freely attainable and to engage in open dialog. It also needs to encourage people to actually use this new freedom. Individual commitment to the team and the organization must be actively encouraged. The targeted development of young employees is also part of a culture of personal responsibility. The leadership role of the future is that of coach and enabler, letting individuals make decisions in the interest of the whole.

 F E E D B A C K

Despite the short time span since then, I feel the need to give you a short feedback and my impressions after the intensive coaching. I am incredibly impressed and touched by the days and the aftermath, after all this has started to settle so slowly since Sunday! Unbelievable and great, because somehow I have, until today in any case, so much in the matter of J. understood or has become clearer and more aware. Since our intensive coaching, real images in terms of professional future appear in my head from time to time and somehow the whole thing feels as if something has slowly started to move or roll! Apparently, the process has also released a certain positive energy/strength and will in me…….!

J.S. Freiburg Banker, Self-employed Financial Consultant