Corporate and organizational Design

Capture and support structures naturally

Liquid Structures Process

Relationship is the foundation of everything. It starts with the people, systems and structure follow.

If you want to reach markets, you have to lead the way.

Companies can become more agile by designing their organizations in a way that both increases speed and creates stability.

The line organization is too lethargic for this, the matrix too conflict-prone.

There are several aspects to our work to develop the Liquid Corporate Culture – organizational culture:

Culture Cultivation – How we do things around here?

You are an entrepreneur/start-up entrepreneur/start-ups and you want to build the right cultural foundation.

Culture adaptation –  What we do and what we aspire to do as an organization
There are problematic or suboptimal behaviours, norms and habits that have become established in the company and you want to adapt the corporate culture.

Culture Sustainability – Why we do what we do; the organizing idea for why the business exists
The organization works well, but you want to ensure that the unique organizational environment that has been nurtured can survive and thrive.

Liquid Corporate Process
Our process opens up different perspectives…new, old, known, unknown, familiar, unfamiliar.
The fluidity of an organization means breaking the industrial age driven assumptions on which rigid structures were designed and making them adaptable, dynamic and anti-fragile.

  • The liquid corporate process is fluid, leaders are characterized by personal authority, experience and value orientation and allow natural handling of new forms of communication of decentralized systems and organic effectiveness.
  • The Liquid Corporate Process causes a fundamental change (game-changer). 
  • Through the Liquid Corporate Process, a sustainable, integrated process is active, and decision making is lightning fast and effective, supported by the knowledge and perspective of an entire organism. This means real-time adaptability.

There is not the one pill solution…there is only the self-responsible, independent solution. If this is what you are interested in, we should definitely get together and invite you to come and see us for a non-binding presentation. We are convinced that the Liquid Corporate Process works because of our long direct experience, therefore our lectures at your place are not connected with any daily rates. Test us, because we will also test you if you are serious about change and flowing corporate culture.