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Liquid Structures Process

The conventional view serves to protect us from the uncomfortable work of Thinking.

                                                                        But it’s not too late: if we get up a while earlier, we’ll get it done.

Human dynamics in social systems

The success of an intervention depends on the inner state of BEING of the intervener.

William O'Brien former member of the board of directors Hanover Insurance Company/USA


We act as worlds bridge-builders…out of silo thinking (see also team pontstruction) and companions in these new dynamic, flowing systems.


The ability to flow, to adapt the flow rate to the situation without losing the structure, the core of our actions.


Talk to us or even better take part in a team-pontstruction Brückentag.

Liquid Corporate Culture

The success reflected in the economic success does not mean that we will be sustainable and stable in the future.

It requires more understanding and new skills to master the new paradigm of the business world in a stable and fluent way.

Liquid Corporate Process

The Liquid Corporate Process brings about a fundamental change (game-changer). Through the Liquid Corporate Process, a sustainable, integrated process is active, and decision-making is lightning fast and effective, supported by the knowledge and perspective of an entire organism. This means real-time adaptability.

Our convictions especially in change processes:

  • The key lies within! They cannot effect anything in others unless they are able to do it with themselves.
  • We know that technology makes things possible, but it is the people who make it work.
  •  It is not so much the action that is important, but the consciousness in which you perform.
  • It is only in peace and quiet, if someone knows how to do the best.
  • Everything that is external is the reflex of the internal condition.
  • Consciousness is not a skill or technology that you borrowed or is ready to use. It only can be experienced in everyday life.