Being aware of the dynamics of one’s authentic being

Our method of deep understanding is a new way in our coaching process. It is the power of the eyewitness- with and without a camera. A way to evoke authenticity, truth and intuitive intelligence. It is a deep and resonant coaching interview format.

In this format, all attention is focused on the person, on the human being. One perceives in this environment that one is seen, heard and understood. In this moment, one understands who one really is.

An effective method to let conscious, authentic company and personal stories become visible.


Die Interviews des BEYOND COACHING Teams (Hans-Peter Kraus Beyond Coaching Initiator und Bernard Prigge Fotograph und Grafik) finden im Fotostudio unseres Partners basislager8® , Private Sessions in unserem Büro oder nach Vereinbarung statt:

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